Elder Scrolls VI Trailer: “There Are Some Thing There to Pick Apart,” Says Todd Howard

Fans Can Probably Discover the Location of the Next Elder Scrolls

The Bethesda E3 press conference this past Sunday left almost nothing to be desired. We got game announcements, news on beloved franchises, and Freaken Andrew W.K. But for those who might have passed out at the end, The Elder Scrolls VI was definitely announced – it was not a dream. There’s more to the trailer than meets the eye, however.

In a new interview with Geoff Keighley, Todd Howard, Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios, had more to say. Like the rest of us, Keighley believed there would be nothing of Elder Scrolls VI to unravel after the trailer. It’s a tease, we know it’s coming, and we’re going to have to wait a while. But Howard decided to flick a switch. As he said in the interview, “There are some things there to pick apart but we’ll let our fans do that.”

Fans are great at doing many things, like fixing the bugs in Bethesda games using mods. But now it’s time to speculate and pull that trailer image apart. Already, some fans have speculated that the next Elder Scrolls iteration will take place in High Rock. What’s your speculation? Comment below your thoughts on the setting of Elder Scrolls VI. If you want to look at the other secret unraveled from this year’s E3, check out the hidden message in Cyberpunk 2077’s presentation. Hint: it mentions microtransactions.

SOURCE: GamingBolt