Super Mario Party Lets You Link Switch Screens and Do Weirder Things

The Best Mario Party for on the Go

In their clever endeavor to fit as many Nintendo Switches in one household as possible, Nintendo has surmised a way to make Mario Party work with two Switches connected. And in case you did not hear, Super Mario Party has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

During the Direct video presentation today, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Party will reach their hybrid console on October 5th, 2018. Furthermore, it looks like the newest iteration will take advantage of the Switch’s features and then create new ones. Most notably, players will have the opportunity to attach their touchscreens together. This leads to all sorts of mini-games playable in the vein of a board game. Simply touch the screens together physically and swipe to link both regions of play. But the ability to experience Mario Monopoly on your Switch is not all you’re doing; the HD rumble feature will make a show out of more mini-games.

As noted by the astute folks over at Kotaku, you can shake your Joy-Con to stir a frying pan. The Joy-Con becomes a handle, and you can put those cooking skills to the test like never before. Better yet, learn how to cook – it’s just one of the new ways Nintendo is teaching its players independence. That said, independence doesn’t require loneliness, which is why Super Mario Party allows up to eight players. It’s the best part about taking your console on the go; every controller gets twice the amount of players.

With the announcement that Super Mario Party is coming later this year, no one has to play their Wii U anymore. Fans have only had to wait three years, the last Mario PartyMario Party 10, made available for the Wii U back in 2015.  Besides, this new iteration seems to be taking a far more creative route, with wholly original mini-games and activities. Thus, a whole lot of indie titles are about to get thrown to the side. What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop a comment down below. And stick around for some E3 announcements. The highly anticipated Super Smash Bros Ultimate got a reveal earlier today, as did Fortnite.

SOURCE: Nintendo E3