The New Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch Looks Epic & Anime

Our First Look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Over ten years since our last console title, friends, the newest iteration of Fire Emblem has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch via the latest Nintendo Direct. A new trailer arrived, introducing us to a very different aesthetic from the handheld 3DS versions.

Fire Emblem: The Three Houses, as it is called, is scheduled for a Spring 2019 release date. The game promises a brand-new adventure with an all-new cast of characters, but that’s not all that’s new. The franchise, for the most part, has undergone an upgrade. As you’ll note in the trailer down below, the 3D graphics have been enhanced. In addition to gameplay with smoother contours, the narrative sequences have incorporated an anime art style. It’s safe to say that Nintendo is taking advantage of the extra power and opportunities offered by the Switch.

Judging by the latest footage, the mechanics have slightly changed to mesh with the new style of gameplay. Unlike previous installments, the turn-based combat now entails an exchange of blows between the attacker and the defender (or that might just be a special enemy move). However, the ability to interact with other characters seems to have returned. Fire Emblem: Fates introduced interactions as a result of wandering your castle. It looks like the same is true of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Unfortunately, the trailer brought us very little beyond basic combat gameplay. Fortunately, the combat looks better than ever, and the real-time effect fills the battle map with troops, which has never been done before. Thus, Fire Emblem battlefields now feel like battlefields.

But what are your thoughts on the gameplay? Let us know in the comments below. Perhaps, we’ll learn something new during the E3 proceedings. If so, we’ll keep you updated.

SOURCE: Nintendo DIrect