Behold Nintendo Labo but With LEGO; Everything Works With LEGO

Anything is possible with Imagination… and LEGO

Back when LEGO was invented, it proved to be surprisingly elastic for a toy comprised of solid blocks. I’m sure the creators didn’t imagine the functionality would extend to video games. But it does, thanks to Nintendo Labo and one man’s ingenuity.

LABO Variety - Article 1-min

This may be the greatest union of toys and video games since Lego Dimensions (rest in peace). Designer Vimal Patel has found a way to incorporate the building blocks with Nintendo Labo software. After all, the crux of the creation kit is in the Joy-Cons, whose IR sensor and gyros adapt exceedingly well with objects in motion. Thus far, Patel has integrated a motorbike, piano and fishing rod, but with a little bit of help from 3D-printing. Still, there’s no denying the amount of creativity involved in such a project.

Nintendo Labo comes pre-packaged with cardboard and a set of instructions with the material in mind. However, there’s nothing innate in cardboard that makes it essential for use in Labo. As I’ve mentioned, the key is the Joy-Cons, which—as this story attests, and with a bit of creativity—can be combined with any multi-purpose material. That said, there’s no denying that cardboard is cheaper than legos. Nevertheless, the mini-games can only be accessed via the full set.

No doubt, over time, we’ll see more ingenious creations from Labo and other materials. For now, feel free to less us know your thoughts on these cardboard-less creations. If you want to catch more of Patel’s projects, you can visit his website.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: The Verge