Details for the Next PUBG Patch Revealed

The Next PUBG Update Adds A New Anti-Cheat System & Makes Several Gameplay Changes

The details of the upcoming PC patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have recently been revealed and one of the notable changes is a new anti-hacking system.


According to the patch notes, this new system is still in the testing phase and will only be available on the Test server.

There’ll also be several changes to how grenades work in PUBG. Their blast radius has apparently been increased along with how grenade explosions will affect players.

Players can now be “stunned” if they’re too close to grenade explosions and, when they’re stunned, they can’t aim down the sights of their firearm. This stun effect can last between 1 to 5.5 seconds depending on how far away players are from the explosion.

The patch also adds some new animations for stunned players and for players who’ve been set on fire. It’ll also include the usual performance and bug fixes.

Other PUBG news: Its developers are currently suing the developers of their Battle Royale rivals Fortnite for copyright infringement.

What do you think of these patch notes? Do you think that the new features that’ll be added to PUBG will improve it or hamper it?

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available on the PC, Android, iOS & Xbox One.