Catch a Mew in Pokemon Go This Week Through New Single-player Storyline Quests

The Research Questline Shakes up the Old Formula for Pokemon Go

In what looks to be the biggest update to Pokemon Go in a while, Niantic has finally revealed the new quest system which brings plenty of tasks to complete, rewards to obtain, and the rare opportunity to catch Pokemon Go’s first Mythical Pokemon, Mew.

There are two types of quests to complete in this update. Firstly is ‘Field Research’, which basically amounts to a load of daily quests. You receive them every day when you stop by a Pokestop and spin it, which gives you certain objectives to complete, such as catch certain Pokemon types, win gym battles, or win a raid.

There are a limitless amount of research to do, if you just want to complete task after task for the rewards, but after you’ve completed your initial research you’re given a stamp. Keep doing your daily research tasks for a week and you’ll collect seven stamps, which will give you a ‘Research Breakthrough’ where you can obtain better prizes, and even the chance of meeting a Legendary Pokemon.

Next up is the more interesting side to this update.’Special Research’ quests are basically story missions. They begin with Professor Willow showing up in your game and handing you a quest that is similar to the Field Research tasks, but with multiple stages which seem to progressively get harder.

The quest given will be an eight-stage questline which is titled ‘A Mythical Discovery’, where your prize for completing should, hopefully, be an encounter with the mythical, yet adorable, Pokemon Mew. Whether you’re handed the Mew straight away, or if you need to battle it to capture it is still unknown.

This could potentially open up a lot of doors for Pokemon Go, as they could branch off from this to include many other mythical, and even legendary Pokemon, in their own questline.

Speaking of, are there any questlines or Pokemon you want to see added? Let us know!