Dashcam Footage of Pokemon Go Robbery Revealed

Pokemon Go Connected to Policing Failures

In 2017, the world was swept up in the phenomenon of Pokemon Go, a mobile game that blended augmented reality with the beloved world of Pokemon. However, this craze reached astonishing heights when two Los Angeles police officers, Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, became so engrossed in their quest to catch elusive Pokemon like Snorlax, Psyduck, and Togetic that they neglected their duty during a robbery.

While the tale of these officers’ escapades first surfaced last year, we now have access to the actual dashcam footage that chronicles their extraordinary journey. In this condensed video, which was obtained by 404 Media, Lozano and Mitchell can be heard expressing their hope that Togetic doesn’t escape, all the while disregarding traffic laws by driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street and making illegal U-turns.

Pokémon GO

Rather than attending to an ongoing incident at a local mall, the officers chose to prioritize their Pokemon hunt and go after more virtual monsters rather than actual criminals. Their adventure ultimately led them to a 7-11, where they finally secured their prized Pokémon. The LAPD’s internal affairs department subsequently launched an investigation into their actions, resulting in multiple charges of on-duty misconduct and their subsequent dismissal from the police force.

Although the frenzy of Pokemon Go has waned since 2017, the game continues to enjoy popularity, with a dedicated player base. Over the years, it has introduced numerous new Pokemon, expanded features like competitive battling, and incorporated intricate quest lines. However, not all changes have been met with universal approval, occasionally causing friction between players and the game’s developer, Niantic. The legacy of the Pokemon Go craze endures, with this bizarre incident serving as a reminder of the game’s extraordinary impact on people from all walks of life.