Pokemon Go Now Lets You Team Up to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go Players Can Help Each Other Catch Monsters Instead of Just Finding Them

Niantic, after a series of teasers on social media, has unveiled the initial details for the Party Play co-op feature in Pokemon Go. This exciting development allows players to connect with their real-life groups and embark on collaborative adventures within the Pokémon Go universe.

Party Play facilitates the gathering of up to four trainers, with a prerequisite that all participants have attained a minimum level of 15. Once assembled, these parties can partake in exclusive Party Challenges to secure additional rewards. They can also tap into newly introduced Party Power capabilities during raids, empowering both fast and charged attacks to enhance their combat effectiveness.

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The official Pokemon Go blog has provided a comprehensive guide on how to create or join a party using the Party Play feature, breaking down the steps as follows:

Hosting a Party

  1. Launch Pokémon Go and access your Trainer profile. Then, select the new “Party” tab and tap “Create.”
  2. You will receive a numerical code or QR code, which you can share with up to three nearby trainers. Once everyone has joined, simply tap “Start” to commence the adventure.

Joining a Party

  1. Open Pokémon Go, access your Trainer profile, and tap the “Party” tab. Then, select “Join Party.”
  2. You will be prompted to scan a QR code or enter a numerical code for the party you wish to join. After completing this step, the host will initiate the gathering.

In addition, each participant in the party can track the collective performance during the session. This data is accessible through the Party tab in each trainer’s profile or via the PokeStop icon on the main screen. The report includes valuable statistics such as the number and types of captured Pokémon, visits to PokeStops, and more.

For those keen to embark on Pokemon Go adventures, the game is readily available on both iOS and Android devices. The Party Play feature is accessible on all supported devices, offering trainers an exciting new dimension of cooperative play in the Pokémon Go world.