Elder Scrolls Online Boss Positively Responds to Film Idea

Interest in Live Action Elder Scrolls Film Has Been Expressed

As the Fallout franchise is set to make its television debut on Amazon Prime in 2024, fans are naturally speculating about the possibility of another beloved Bethesda property, The Elder Scrolls, receiving a live-action adaptation. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, there is a glimmer of hope from an unexpected source: Rich Lambert, the creative director behind the popular Elder Scrolls Online, has expressed his openness to the idea of a film or animated series for The Elder Scrolls.

Lambert’s comments came during an interview with Dextero, where he shared his thoughts on the potential of expanding The Elder Scrolls into different media. “I think it would be cool if we could do it,” he remarked, though he acknowledged the logistical challenges such a project might entail.

In the world of video game adaptations, the Fallout franchise is already making its way to Amazon Prime in the form of a TV series scheduled for release in 2024. This series will be set in Los Angeles and will revolve around Vault 33.

Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls Online has been making strides of its own, with the game’s upcoming release on Xbox consoles in Japan slated for November 15. The latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online saga, titled “Necrom,” was launched earlier this year and delved into the realm of cosmic horror.

In addition to their ongoing work on The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax Online Studios has been quietly developing a new intellectual property for more than four years. As for the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI, it’s officially in the early stages of development and is still many years away from hitting the market.