Analyst Michael Pachter Declares Scorpio Will Cost No More Than $399

PS4 Pro Could See a Price Drop When Scorpio Arrives

Gaming and Electronic analyst for Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, says Xbox’s new Scorpio console will sell for a premium $399 USD. Why? Because Xbox would risk alienating its playerbase otherwise, and they know they’re playerbase.

Project Scorpio Price Exposed project scorpio e3

Since last year, Pachter has stated that Scorpio would sell for $399. And on the eve of E3 2017, he remains sure of that. It’s one of his many predictions, and you can find them in his latest episode of Pachter Factor below. But if you just want to see his Scorpio prediction, skip to 1:10.

Pachter’s prediction falls in line with what Phil Spencer has said about the Scorpio. Microsoft will charge a “premium,” meaning it will be worth more than existing consoles. Furthermore, if the powerful console does cost $399, our esteemed analyst believes Sony will drop the PS4 Pro’s price. That may all depend, however.

While it’s hard to argue with what a professional has to say on the matter, Pachter isn’t right about everything. Sony relies on content to shift consoles; thus, unless they see Xbox cranking out more games, they may keep prices where they are. He was wrong in predicting the Nintendo Switch’s price point and wrong about his Elder Scrolls prediction (Bethesda VP Pete Hines even said so on Twitter).

Nevertheless, there’s a precedent for what Pachter is saying this time around. What are your thoughts? Do you think Microsoft would be committing suicide by pricing the Scorpio over $399 USD? Comment below. And chack back for the latest E3 news and confirmation as it arrives.

Happy gaming.