Kojima’s Open-World IP, Death Stranding, Will Be absent from E3 2017

Hideo Kojima Will Still Attend E3, of Course

Today, we are the bearer of bad news. While many gamers hoped Hideo Kojima’s new IP, Death Standing, would make an appearance at E3, we can now confirm that it’s not happening. Kojima broke the news himself this morning via tweet:

Unsurprisingly, Kojima and team are still deep in development. Only a year has passed since Death Stranding‘s reveal at E3 2016, and we expect that game to arrive sometime in 2019. Therefore, Kojima Productions would, naturally, need more time for a solid build.

Fortunately, it’s Kojima at the helm – creator and Director of the Metal Gear franchise. Thus how we know we can expect a greatly polished open-world experience that also doubles as a cinematic piece. And now that he and his studio have parted ways with Konami, there’s nothing to hold back his talent. Perhaps we’ll see what he has to offer in Death Stranding come next E3. We still don’t know exactly what the game is about. Despite initial speculation, Kojima confirmed it’s not a horror game.

Death Stranding Top Screen

Even so, anyone still looking forward to seeing Kojima can find him at E3 Coliseum, where he will be live with Geoff Keighley and Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Together, they will have a look back at Kojima’s cinematic influences and even talk the new Metal Gear Solid movie.

Stay tuned for more announcements and be sure to check back for E3 news as it comes our way.