No Man’s Sky “Experimental” PC Patch Now Available – Here’s What You Need to Know

You can try out the new No Man’s Sky PC patch right now – here’s how

It’s been no secret that the PC launch of No Man’s Sky has been, shall we say, “problematic.” Frame-rate issues, freezing and more have caused much frustration for PC players, and led to lots of not-so-kind reviews on Steam. As we reported to you right here recently, Hello Games has been furiously working on a patch to address the various issues with the PC version.

No Man's Sky Screen

Now, Hello Games has apparently finished an “experimental” patch for No Man’s Sky’s PC users, and it is actually already available. To¬†access the patch right now, here’s what to do (with thanks to GameInformer):

  • right-click on the game in your Steam library
  • go to the “Properties” option, and select the “Betas” tab
  • type in the code “3xperimental” in the field provided, then select the new option that appears in the drop-down menu

Or, you can also just wait for the patch to hit for everyone, which Hello Games says will be “early next week.”

What does the new patch bring? Here is a rough run-down:

  • improved support for AMD CPUs
  • fixes for framerate stuttering
  • enables setting the max frames-per-second to 30 or 60
  • fixes mouse jittering
  • fixes crashes that occurred after Alt+tabbing out of the game
  • the game will now also notify you if you are running the game with an unsupported graphics card and disable the Gsync feature by default

No Man's sky

According to GameInformer, the new patch has fixed frame-rate stuttering in their testing so far. In other No Man’s Sky news, Sean Murray of Hello Games says that an Xbox One version of the game is not being ruled out. Currently, it is a console-exclusive to PS4, and is just out now on PC. We will keep you in formed of any breaking No Man’s Sky news as we hear more, so stay tuned and keep reading for the stars, space-explorers!