No Man’s Sky Getting A New Patch And QA Team to Fix The Glut of Issues

No Man’s Sky Patch Incoming and QA Team Dispatched

There is denying Sean Murray and Hello Games have certainly whipped the gaming community into a frenzy. No Man’s Sky is about the only game our COG community is playing and the universal love is evident. As with any gigantic game, glitches and bugs surface. No Man’s Sky is not immune to these kinds of issues. If you are having trouble with the game you’ll be relieved to know help is on the way. According to Creative Director Sean Murray on the game’s official blog, a new QA team just joined to help work out the problems, and a new patch is underway.

No Man's Sky Ship

The blog states:

“We’re tracking a number of issues, bugs and crashes that players are reporting, and working to resolve as soon as possible.

The number of people players, and length of average play session, has been far more than our small team could have anticipated. That said, we’re working quickly to adapt.

We sincerely apologise to anyone affected in the meantime.

Here are some things to be aware of:
We’ve brought a new QA team on board today (larger than the entire Hello Games team!). This will complement the existing Sony QA team.
We are working on fixes for the most critical issues, which will be in a patch in the near future.
We will be moving to a ticketed support system next week, and have hired someone to manage this starting Monday.
Some information will be posted in the Sony forums here.
Or contact Hello Games here .

Here are some workarounds for some known issues:
If you believe you are stuck, or can’t reach your ship, be aware you can jetpack forever whilst pushing against any surface
If you have made a mistake – you can revert to any of your two previous saves in the Options Menu
If you have left your ship somewhere inaccessible, you will be able to summon it from landing pads or beacons found at most buildings or points of interest (marked by question marks)

It has been reported that some players have not received a pre-order bonus. In most cases so far, the player has either not redeemed their bonus correctly from the PS store or from the Options Menu. Also sometimes players have received the bonus, but the name displayed in-game was incorrect. The Alpha Vector ship is named Domanish S84 in-game, and (in the US) the Rezosu AZ65 is named Final Shadow XIV in game.

It has been reported that using the pre-order bonus ship will leave some players stranded, if they purchase or transfer to a new ship that does not have a hyperdrive (if done very early in game). In most cases the player is actually able to continue (107 of the 135 reports emailed so far). The game already detects the player needs a hyperdrive and directs them to a nearby NPC who will give the player the hyperdrive they need. Some other players were able to resolve this issue by restarting their console.

Hopefully this helps some players. If you still are having issues, please contact Hello Games support here:

For those this does not help, please know we are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible in a patch. This will include crash fixes also.

So there you have it, help is on the way.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our review, which will be posted soon. You can also take a look at our early impressions of the first few hours.