No Man’s Sky’s New Update Introduces Relaxed Mode

No Man’s Sky Devs Released Its Waypoint Update Today

No Man’s Sky got its Waypoint update today. Hello Games promised to the franchise’s following that this patch is bringing an “overhaul of design and balance.” Moreover, it also introduces an all-new relaxed mode and inventory changes. Plus, the patch will also make it easier for players who have been away from the game for quite some time to ease back in.

No Man’s Sky’s new relaxed mode gives players the opportunity to meander through the game’s universe at a relatively relaxed pace. Basically, it is the perfect mode for players who just want to chill out as they enjoy what the game has to offer.

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Basically, this new mode functions like a stop gap between No Man’s Sky’s normal and creative modes. To compensate for players who prefer to take the more difficult route, devs tweaked the survival mode as well. They added some changes to make it a tad bit more challenging.

Players who have been gone from the game for a while can easily get back into it. Devs do not want the returning players to be baffled by the updates that No Man’s Sky got over the past years. With that said, they added a log that provides a summary of the game’s story line thus far. Plus, returning players are also getting a “new milestone system, new collectibles, and improved mission content” to help ease their re-entry into the game.

The gaming community has described the Waypoint update as some sort of house-cleaning for the franchise. According to Hello Games’ Sean Murray, the game’s 21st major update is going to have a serious impact on the game. After all, No Man’s Sky was once in a relatively disheveled state.

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