No Man’s Sky to the Xbox One: Sean Murray Doesn’t Rule It Out in Interview

No Man’s Sky to Xbox One? You Just Never Know…

It seems like No Man’s Sky is all anyone has been talking about the past few days. Hitting the PS4 on Tuesday and PC just today it is very likely the most anticipated game of the year so far. Originally thought to be exclusive to PC and PS4 there was a bit of a hesitation from Sean Murray in a recent interview with the Daily Star that could mean it might be heading somewhere else at some point.

No Man's Sky Early Impressions Top Screen

When asked if Hello Games’ magnum opus was a full PS4 exclusive, or possibly a timed exclusive, Sean Murray didn’t quite know how to respond. A pretty clear question with an easy answer you might think but apparently that’s not the case. Murray responded saying he wasn’t sure what he was “actually allowed to say” and when pressed a bit further he followed up saying “I need to be very specific with my words.”

Seeing that Sean wasn’t quite sure how to skirt the question it was at this point the Sony representative in the room stepped in to redirect the conversation.

If there wasn’t anything more to No Man’s Sky than just the PS4 and PC then the answer to that question would be a simple one. Sean’s reluctance to give up a straight answer followed by the quick step in from Sony would indicate there’s more to the story than we know. Could the biggest game this year see an eventual release on the Xbox One? We’ll just have to wait and see!