Brilliant April Fool’s Video Turns Dark Souls III Into Cheesy 80’s VHS Movie

As a grainy, color-faded screen skips and stutters just like an old 80s VHS tape that’s been played a few too many times, a classic “movie trailer” voice introduces the “Dark Souls III movie”:

“A long time ago, in a world deep in the darkest ages, hellish fiends ruled over this land. But one man, will rise up, and raise a whole lotta hell. When you pick a fight with the devil, you’d better be stronger than hell.”

It may be an April Fool’s joke, but the cheesy video put out by Bandai Namco hits all the right nostalgia buttons. We hate to admit it, but we would probably have rented this movie back in the day, and we would have loved every minute of it. Hell, it couldn’t be any worse than Under Siege, right?

Dark Souls III Screen 3

Now, if you want to see a truly amazing trailer for Dark Souls III that is not cheesy at all, check out this animated piece recently released by Eli Roth.

Dark Souls III comes out April 12th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.