Dark Souls 3 Eli Roth Animated Trailer is Amazing

Dark Souls 3 Eli Roth Trailer is a Stunner

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. today released a brand new animated trailer directed by Eli Roth, famed director of hit horror movies such as Cabin Fever and Hostel, based on the universe of Dark Souls.

Eli Roth’s “The Witches” Dark Souls Animated Trailer is an original story set in the world of Dark Souls 3 where a lonely world-weary knight finds himself in an incredibly deadly situation when confronted by three witches.

Our review will be published soon, but in the meantime check out five things we love about the game so far.

The new trailer can be viewed here:

Eli Roth brought his iconic vision to the Dark Souls franchise with his animated short ‘The Witches’. Watch as he blends his one of a kind style with the world of Dark Souls.



We recently reviewed the game and had this to say:

Despite the odd issues I ran into with the game, be it performance related, or gameplay related (mobs of enemies don’t always make a game harder FromSoftware), Dark Souls 3 is a gargantuan step up from Dark Souls 2 in terms of design. It’s odd that I find myself looking forward to the DLC they plan to put out, especially before the game even launched. Yet, seeing how well put together Dark Souls 3 is, I am eagerly looking forward to even more content to mess around with, although I’ll have a hard time getting bored of what’s already in place. From Software has included a lot for players to mess around with, and between the various armor sets, locations, weapons and enemies to get acquainted with, Dark Souls 3 is one behemoth of a game that could stand at the top of the entire series in terms of quality.

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