Dark Souls 3 PC Servers Are Suddenly Working Again

Dark Souls 3 PC Servers Are Back On

Dark Souls 3 PC players were dismayed when servers suddenly went offline earlier this week. Fans were already expecting to get the chance to play the game again in eight months. However, its servers suddenly went back online.

Devs did previously confirm that there was in issue. After all, Dark Souls 3 fans crowded different forums to air their dismay. They have not been able to access any of the game’s online functions. Neither FromSoftware or publisher Bandai Namco has said anything official about this recent fix just yet. However, fans are starting to report that they are indeed back online.

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Apparently, Dark Souls 3’s PC servers have been back online since September 22nd. Many fans have reported that they were able to successfully log back into the game earlier today.

The Dark Souls franchise has had a long and strange online journey this year. Dark Souls 3 PC servers were taken back down just this January because of a harmful security issue. It was only last month that devs were able to reactivate them. Unfortunately, the servers for the other two games remain offline. Thankfully, FromSoftware has promised the franchise’s following that they have plans of getting them back online at some point.

At the moment, it is difficult to say how long Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are going to stay online. After all, there has still been no official announcement from the devs. The official statement that discussed their recent restoration does not automatically mean that servers were able to remain up in perpetuity. For now, it is best for fans to enjoy the game’s PvP for as long as it lasts.

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