This Week in Gaming: The Top 5 Gaming News Stories, Feb. 29 – Mar. 4

This week was a very busy one in the world of videogames. We had huge news stories from E3, Xbox, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Sony, and Nintendo. Let’s take a look at the most important gaming news stories for the week of February 29th to March 4th, 2016. Welcome to This Week in Gaming.



This Week in Gaming

  • On Friday, our own Shawn Petraschuk went so far as to ask, given all of these recent setbacks for the celebrated expo, if this was “E3’s last stand.” Is E3 really in trouble?



this week in gaming

  • The company also revealed that it is looking into the idea of making the Xbox a console that can be upgraded, much like current PCs. This has been met with mixed reactions; our own Paul Sullivan noted this week that the idea is “either the best or worst idea ever.” What do you think?


Tom Clancy’s The Division

this week in gaming

  • This week, the hugely-anticipated upcoming title (coming March 8th) got a brand-new launch trailer. Check it out.



this week in gaming



this week in gaming

  • Sony continued to distance itself from its less-popular business units this week, quietly stepping back from both the PSP and the PlayStation TV. But all is not lost; we told you how you could keep downloading and using your PSP games – if you know how.


That’s it for this week. Stay tuned to each week for a run-down of the Most Important Gaming News Stories of the Week.