Pokémon Moon Video Review – One of the Franchise’s Best Yet

Pokémon Moon Video Review

Pokémon Sun and Moon are easily one of 2016’s most anticipated games as the Pokémon franchise is one of Nintendo’s most recognized and loved brands. Most fans have grown up with the franchise and while each new entry requires they bring a little bit more to the table it’s also safe to say that the formula works rather well as is. In Pokémon Moon players are taken to the brand new Alola Region and veteran players are in for a fresh and new take on their beloved franchise. For the most part, the changes that were made are great and breathe new life into the franchise, often removing more of the tedious aspects that veteran players know all too well. Pokémon Moon is a wonderful experience and will satisfy both new and old players alike. Now before we get too much further let’s get you into our no reading require video review!

Our man Andrew Pereira took on review duties for Pokémon and summed up his experience saying, “Pokémon Moon is easily one of the best entries in the franchise to date. Never has the Pokémon world felt this immersive. If Pokémon Moon hints to what the future of the franchise has in store, then fans should be more excited than ever. Don’t think twice about picking up a copy for yourself.”

Exciting news out of the Nintendo camp recently says that some version of Pokémon Sun and Moon are also being prepared for the soon to be released Nintendo Switch. Should that happen it would be the first mainline style Pokémon game to make its way onto a home console. When news of this broke it sent many fans into a tizzy so keep it locked on COGconnected for more information as we have it.