The Quarry Video Review – Required Playing for Horror Fans

The Quarry Video Review

If you grew up on horror films, like Friday the 13th, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scream, then you will love The Quarry. The game takes obvious inspiration from those movies. If you also loved Until Dawn, this game is also a must-play.

Supermassive Games, creators of Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures games are back with their homage to 80s and 90s slasher films. Like those films, The Quarry demonstrates mastery of horror tropes, like red herrings, jumpscares, and misdirection.

The Quarry

The game’s setting is your standard slasher film outfit. A bunch of teens are out camping in a remote forest. They spend the summer getting to know each other, party, and end up isolating themselves to be picked off one at a time.

The mechanics of Supermassive Games’ previous titles should be familiar enough for returning players. There are decisions that players will be faced with that impact the game in immediately, but also in the long run. Players will also have QTEs to content with, which can have punishing and unforgiving consequences.

Where The Quarry really shines is through its cinematography. The camera placements, movements, and transitions perfectly capture the movie-watching experience that so many horror fans grew up on. With so many decisions to make and outcomes to see, there are definitely going to be reasons to play this over and over again.

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