The Quarry Will Have a Movie Mode for Passive Participants

The Quarry Will Have a Movie Mode

The Quarry is Supermassive’s narrative horror adventure game. It is basically a teen slasher flick that was made into a gaming project. Each of the nine counsellors will be playable. Their fate within the game will depend on the choices that the players make.

The primary back story revolves around the group of counsellors who decide to have a party on their last night in camp. Just like in any other classic camp horror movie, things go wrong.

the quarry movie mode

As previously mentioned, whether the characters are saved or killed off will depend on The Quarry players. It is also up to them how they develop their character’s relationship with everyone else within the game. Thankfully for those who would much rather just kick back and enjoy the show, Supermassive has come up with a feature for that as well.

The Quarry devs included a movie mode for the game’s passive participants. There are three options that players can choose from, namely, Everyone Lives, Everyone Dies, and Director’s Chair. These options allow players to adjust the characters’ behavior in certain situations.

It is highly likely that this mode will be utilized as a post-game tool by those who have already finished the game. Still, it is a fun idea for a game that clearly has deep roots in the horror film genre.

The Quarry will also have other options for fans who prefer something just in between. Devs added a variety of accessibility options that include adjustable interrupt speed timers, aim assist, simplified quick time events, and even the total elimination of combat.

The horror game is due to launch on June 10th. However, fans can pre-purchase it now on Steam. Meanwhile, everyone can sit back and enjoy its half-hour cinematic gameplay video.

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