Supermassive Games Faces Workforce Reduction

Until Dawn Creatirs Confront Layoffs Amidst Reorganization

Supermassive Games, the renowned British studio behind acclaimed titles such as Until Dawn and The Quarry, finds itself undergoing a significant workforce reduction. Reports from Bloomberg indicate that the studio has issued notices to its employees, revealing plans for 90 layoffs and declaring that a total of 150 positions are deemed “at risk.”

The announcement, mandated by UK labor laws, was delivered on February 26, marking a somber day for the studio and its staff. With Supermassive boasting a workforce of over 300 individuals, the impact of these cuts is profound, signaling a challenging period for the company.

The studio’s acquisition by Nordisk Games in 2022 has set the stage for this restructuring, as Supermassive aims to realign its operations in response to shifting market dynamics and corporate strategies.

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In a statement addressing the layoffs, Supermassive emphasized the gravity of the decision and assured that all necessary measures are being taken to support affected employees with dignity and compassion. Despite concerted efforts to explore alternatives, the reorganization remains unavoidable, reflecting the studio’s commitment to long-term sustainability and growth.

The video game industry at large has witnessed a wave of layoffs in 2024, with over 6,000 positions estimated to have been affected. Major players like Microsoft and Twitch have initiated significant workforce reductions, citing strategic imperatives and shareholder interests.

Amidst these challenges, Supermassive Games continues to forge ahead with its upcoming projects. Little Nightmares III, slated for release later this year, and the ongoing development of the Dark Pictures Anthology series underscore the studio’s resilience and dedication to delivering captivating gaming experiences.

While anticipation builds for a remake of Supermassive’s acclaimed Until Dawn, it’s worth noting that the studio is not directly involved in its production, signaling a strategic shift amidst its evolving organizational landscape. As Supermassive navigates these turbulent waters, the industry watches closely, hopeful for the studio’s continued success and resilience in the face of adversity.