Little Nightmares III Revealed at Gamescom 2023

Nightmares Come in 3s

Earlier today, Gamescom 2023 kicked off with the opening ceremonies. Geoff Keighley is back and so is the new tradition of rushing the stage for memes. Little Nightmares III was announced and revealed with a short trailer. Maybe a new tradition is kicking off, since the previous game was also announced at Gamescom.

This horror series has always been steeped in twisted imagery. And what imagery it is. All the depictions of people have exaggerated features and horrifying purpose. That is exactly the tone Little Nightmares III continues to strike.

Little Nightmares III

The first trailer for the game shows more of the Little Nightmares world. What is new about this game is that it appears to be completely co-op functional. The previous game, where the player controls Mono, would have parts of the game where they are paired up with Six. However, the new game will have two characters that can be controlled by players through online play. Supermassive Games has confirmed that the game will not launch with local co-op support.

The trailer features our two as-of-now unnamed protagonists. They appear to be able to travel through mirrors, possibly used as chapter or level endcaps. Well shall see, as Little Nightmares III is set to launch sometime in 2024. It will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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