Dead By Daylight Announces Two New Games In New Trailer

The Entity’s Realms Grow 

It’s always exciting when a successful and well-loved franchise announces it’s expanding. Especially when the expansion is bringing new stories and adventures in the same universe. Today, Behaviour Interactive the studio behind the asymmetrical horror game, Dead By Daylight (DBD), is happy to announce it is partnering with new studios for two new games. Partnering with Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment, Dead By Daylight is bringing two new games to its universe. Additionally, a comic book series is also on its way. Of course, all of this was announced in a new video featuring information from all three studios involved. 

Dead By Daylight

Of course, Dead By Daylight is a game with a great deal of lore that is ever-expanding with the addition of new characters. So, the introduction of new games into the Dead By Daylight universe allows studios to explore stories that have yet to be told. Importantly, the new games aim to be horrific, keeping the theme of the original. However, they are by no means the same genre of horror game. 

In fact, Supermassive Games is working on an interactive single-player game. The narrative will drive this one, not team-based matches. Additionally, Midwinter Entertainment is bringing the fight to the Entity with a squad-based PVE game. Despite the different approaches, both games are taking on Dead By Daylight’s Entity in different ways, exploring new realms with new characters. You can learn more about each approach in the “What Lies Ahead” video below. 

Dead By Daylight is currently available on SteamPS5PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. So, are you excited about the future of DBD games?