Street Fighter 6 Video Review – Capcom’s Magnum Opus

Street Fighter 6 Video Review

Capcom debuted their flagship fighting game 35 years ago. Each additional entry is a precise, impactful, and stunning move in advancing the series. Here we are in 2023 and Street Fighter 6 has taken all the magic Capcom has harnessed and pushed it farther and harder than ever before.

Fighting games seem pretty straightforward on their surface. Hit your opponent, avoid their hits, reduce their health to zero before they do it to you. However, there are many options and strategies to take you there. Street Fighter 6 introduces the Drive System.

Street Fighter 6

Fighters can use their Drive Gauge to enhance their offensive and defensive moves, and unleashed powerful abilities. Overusing it will leave you vulnerable to devastating attacks. Learning when to use and when to save it will be a skill for you to refine.

New to the series is the story mode. Players can create their custom avatar and take the fight back to the streets. Your character can roam the open streets of the world, meeting familiar fighters for training and build your stats.

The Battle Hub is where the real competition resides in Street Fighter 6. This is where you can challenge other players from around the globe. It is also a place to play mini-games to earn money and sharpen specific skills.

Street Fighter 6 is approachable for new and veteran players alike. Jump in and embrace the epitome of the fighting game genre.

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