Diablo IV Video Review – The Devil’s in the Details

Diablo IV Video Review

When a new entry in a popular franchise comes out, it is natural to compare it to its predecessors. Ten years after the last game, Diablo IV is finally here. While not every hardcore fan of the series loved D3, there were a substantial amount of quality of life improvements and modernization.

Diablo IV takes those improvements and blends them with the tones and darkness of Diablo II, which set the bar for the series and isometric dungeon crawlers at large. We dare say it is the highest quality Diablo experience since 2000.

Diablo IV

The main quest is divided into different paths, which you can progress in any order. There are five distinct areas of the world, offering a lot of visual variation and flavors. They all blend seamlessly, with no loading screens. The hub areas unfortunately can cause some framerate issues. Chalk it up to the always-online requirement or high traffic, but hopefully it will be resolved post-launch.

Diablo IV is a looting, hack and slash RPG at its core, and it does those things well. The character customization and skill tree options are top notch. Between the five classes you can play and the different ways you can build your character, you can feel very unique even in a game of thousands of players.

The AI leaves much to be desired. It seems each enemy, no matter what type they are, has only one strategy. They have virtually no awareness of the battle, so that means they won’t try to retreat, flank, or heal. Still, at least you can feel powerful in the world of Diablo IV.

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