Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Video Review – Most Dynamic and Exciting Expansion Yet

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Video Review

A series almost as old as gaming itself, Civilization has become a staple of the 4X genre of games. Having initially launched three years ago, the definitive world-building sim has continued to add more and more content for the discerning RTS player. While the franchise may have begun to stagnate over time, it has since proven why it has stayed synonymous with the 4X genre by being an intricate yet accessible machine, reflective of human history. The Gathering Storm expansion has taken the original formula and added the right amount of flavor to Civilization VI, introducing new key mechanics, societies and more. Is this new expansion worth your hard earned money? Check out the video review below to find out.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is the latest expansion for the iconic long running 4X franchise. Adding new complex yet approachable government systems, new civilizations to lead – including Canada – and implementing a variety of changes to each of the previous ones to make them work better with the new system. Gathering Storm puts its emphasis on the world itself as an integral and changing character to the game, offering up the addition of global warming, climate change, melting ice caps, rising tides, and natural disasters to name a few obstacles that will get in your way. These dynamic adaptations to the world will ensure that no two sessions of Civilization VI will ever play out the same.

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