Boomerang X Video Preview – Making A Cool Weapon Even Cooler

Boomerang X Video Preview

Video game characters have wielded a variety of unique weapons. From the famed lancer to the deadly blades of chaos, weapons have become synonymous with franchises and genres yet one item has been underutilized. With vast possibilities, Boomerang X brings the four-pronged air device to video games in this distinctive, first-person adventure.

Boomerang X

Harnessing the power of the mystical boomerang, you can quickly traverse the environment and slice enemies with pinpoint precision. With the ability to slow down time, you are to methodically plan how to take down foes and overcome the otherworldly beings. As style is at the forefront, powers grant you abilities that vary the slick manner in how you approach and annihilate nightmarish creatures. Published by the always brilliant Devolver Digital, this title is shaping up to be another quality title added to their long list. Want to find out more about Boomerang X? Check out our video review below!


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