Check Out The Fun, Frantic Action in Battle Axe Gameplay Video

Battle Axe Gameplay Videos

Tasked with ridding the world of evil, you take control of an elf, wizard or marauder to face the creatures that plague the land of Mercia. Inspired by great top-down hack and slash games of the past, can Battle Axe capture what made predecessors of the genre great?

Battle Axe

Infinite mode is a great way to hone your skills. With hordes of enemies quickly approaching you must use all your abilities to progress through stages in order to attain a high score. Watch our attempt at this addictive loop as we tackle the first few stages as the almighty Druid of the Infinite Mode in Battle Axe!

A staple in the genre is the aptly named Arcade mode. This is where you will get to discover the narrative of Battle Axe and begin your journey through the mystical land of Mercia. Check out the video below where we start our adventure as the mighty marauder!


What are your thoughts on the Battle Axe gameplay? Do you miss games like this? Are you going to pick up this retro-inspired action title? Let us know in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. If you would like to find out our impressions of the game, then check out our full review here. Also, check out our Youtube channel for reviews, previews and much more!

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