Spider-Man Gunnar Glasses Review – Stylish and Strong

Spider-Man Gunnar Glasses Review

It turns out staring at screens all day is hard on your eyes? I’m no stranger to eye strain, so I’m open to any possible solutions. Gunnar Optiks offers glasses that cut that nasty blue light out of the equation. I’ve only tried blue-blocker lenses once before, and the results were mixed. Can Gunnar’s new Spider-Man style glasses do what the competition can’t?

For one thing, the build quality is much higher here. The frames feel sturdy, with a matte finish that looks super slick. The color scheme uses a combination of red and black that’s distinct without being gaudy. There’s a lot of Spider-Man branding on display, especially on the inner frame. Thankfully the outside feels less like an ad and more organic. I feel a bit like a secretary with the stark red around my eyes, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Actually, using the Gunnar lenses is a different story. Here, it’s all function over form.

Serious Blue-Blocking Power

Where my old lenses were barely there, the Gunnar lenses provide a sharp contrast to my usual experience. A good blue-blocker lens comes with a heavy yellow tint. Your view of a computer or TV screen is drastically changed as a result. On the one hand, turning everything yellow is sort of disruptive. And yet, that’s the only way to actually cut out blue light. A less yellow lens just isn’t doing as much to protect your eyes. Slipping off the glasses for a second really highlights how strong they are.

Spider-Man Gunnar Glasses Review

I’ve ran a bunch of tests so far. Well, I’ve really just worn the glasses for hours at a time. This has revealed a couple things. One, I don’t suffer from eye strain as much as I previously believed. Two, I barely notice these things after a while. That’s great news for people concerned about irritation and tension headaches after long sessions. You don’t your ears feeling like they’re being mashed into your skull after a couple of hours. I’m less useful for testing their effectiveness, thanks to my (apparently) fantastic vision.

Spider-Man Gunnar Glasses Review

The root problem is thus: After several hours of screen time, my eyes feel fine. Of course, I can’t recall how they felt during long sessions before this. I’m almost 40 years old, I’m not immune to physical strain from gaming. But I am pretty accustomed to it. I will say that wearing these lenses has gotten me to pay closer attention to light hygiene and posture. Putting on Gunnar glasses feels like putting my vision health in focus. On the other hand, cutting out blue light is an excellent way to reduce eye strain, if you’re suffering from it. Also, the glasses look great!

They Look Good Too

Whether you’re at the proactive stage (like myself), or you’re already in the symptom stage, it’s good to keep your health in mind. Gunnar lenses are a useful way to take charge of your health and well-being. In terms of raw quality, there’s an obvious gap between these lenses and the no-name knockoffs you’ll find on Amazon. If you’re looking to protect your eyes, there’s no sense in buying three cheap pairs of lenses. It’s honestly better to spend a little more on a product that will last you a lot longer. Plus, that Spider-Man branding is a nice bonus. As I’ve been waist-deep in Spider-Man 2, there’s some real synchronicity at work.

***A retail version of the product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Well-built frames
  • Strong blue-blocker powers
  • Stylish color scheme

The Bad

  • Pricier than the competition
  • Everything is yellow now
  • Lot of Spider-Man ad copy