Leveling Up My Vision With GUNNAR’s Call of Duty UAV Edition Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR’s Call of Duty UAV Edition Gaming Glasses Will Protect Your Vision on the Battlefield

There comes a time in a gamer’s life when you have to come to terms with getting old. Don’t get me wrong, playing video games when you’re older is still fun, I love playing online with my COD crew and games just keep getting better. Yet, as you age that effortless joy of playing games can transform into a frustrating endeavor marked by diminishing reflexes, slower response times, and aches from hours spent staring at a screen. Not to mention eye strain is a recurring thing. It certainly was for me. Naturally, I was happy GUNNAR hooked me up with a pair of their Call of Duty UAV Edition gaming glasses. Sure, they don’t improve my reflexes and my kill/death ratio hasn’t improved, but one thing is for certain my eyes have never been happier.

One of the standout features of these gaming glasses is the aluminum-magnesium forged frame. I love the design and they feel expensive. Not to mention they are durable and remarkably lightweight. Lighter than my everyday reading glasses. I was able to wear the GUNNAR Call of Duty glasses for hours while the frames never really hurt my eyes. They are very comfortable and sturdy but also a bit flexible never really putting any pressure on my temples.

The adjustable nose pads which is a nice touch. I have a bigger melon with an average-sized nose, so it was nice to be able to adjust the nose pads to the size of my face. It also allowed for a good fit and they stayed securely in place during every gaming session.

The lenses themselves are pretty slick and are at the heart of these glasses. The G-Shield lens coating reduces glare, the lenses are smudge-resistant for clear vision at all times, and the oleophobic properties repel fingerprints and oils.

Not to mention it has blue light-blocking capability. Which helps protect your eyes from the potentially harmful effects of prolonged screen exposure. When you spend hours in front of a screen you’re exposed to a significant amount of blue light emitted by these devices. That blue light can cause digital eye strain, so it’s great these GUNNAR glasses filter out harmful blue light emissions. Apparently, this not only reduces eye strain but also promotes healthier sleep patterns by minimizing the disruptions caused by blue light exposure. Did I sleep better these past two weeks? No, but maybe this benefits others.

Beyond the lens technology, the Call of Duty UAV Edition glasses also provide 100% UV protection. Not that many play video games in a sunlit room, but this is a nice feature for those who game under bright lights, whoever you are…

It goes without saying these are officially licensed Call of Duty glasses with MWIII etched into both sides of the glasses. The aluminum frame features a mix of green camouflage-style colors. They are stylish looking and you won’t look weird wearing them.

Included with your purchase is a sturdy little glasses case, a microfiber pouch for on-the-go protection, and a cleaning cloth to keep your lenses pristine. Additionally, GUNNAR offers a 12-month warranty, which is perfect for me considering how reckless I am with my reading and sunglasses.

Not everyone needs to run out and buy GUNNAR’s Call of Duty UAV Edition Gaming Glasses but there comes a time when you get older, things just start breaking down. That includes your eyes. While these glasses won’t reverse father time, they will protect your eyes and reduce some of that eye strain you get from marathon gaming sessions. With a blend of rugged Call of Duty design, cutting-edge lens technology, and comfort-focused features, these glasses will elevate your gaming experience while protecting your eyes from the rigors of battle.

***The glasses were provided to COGconnected from GUNNAR ***