GUNNAR’s Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Glasses Are Pretty Rad

GUNNAR’s Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Glasses – Excellent Bang for The Buck

GUNNAR Optiks and Marvel Studios recently joined forces to unveil a truly out-of-this-world eyewear collection – Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Glasses. I was fortunate to give them a test drive and much like other GUNNAR glasses, they are fantastic.

That’s the thing. I never really have anything bad to say about GUNNAR’s collection of gaming glasses. The Groot collection is no different.

At the heart of these spacey specs lies GUNNAR’s signature blue light-blocking technology, which acts as a shield against the harmful effects of prolonged screen exposure. Say goodbye to dry, red, or irritated eyes, and welcome clarity with every gaming session. Needless to say, after extended wear, my eyes never felt irritated or tired. They work exactly as advertised and this is no surprise.

GUNNAR Groot Glasses

The glasses are constructed using sustainably sourced walnut wood, ensuring that even Groot himself would nod in approval. The inclusion of flexible metal hinges and laminated carbon fiber internals helps in the durability department and does so without compromising comfort. Just like the Guardians themselves, it’s a perfect blend of strength and flexibility.

There is even a subtle yet unmistakable homage to Groot himself – the iconic “I am Groot” phrase etched into the frame. It’s a nice little touch and nice little reminder of the Guardian’s believed character.

Priced at $129, these glasses are reasonably priced. They come with a slick Guardians-themed case and Groot-themed glasses cleaning cloth. It’s a nice little touch.

So if you have ever been on the fence, why wait? Channel your inner Groot, grab your own pair today, and embark on a journey where style meets functionality.

Become Groot.

***The glasses were provided to COG for the purpose of this article.***