Midnight Ramen Is Taking Part in Steam’s Next Fest in June

Start Serving in Midnight Ramen

The Taiwan-based video game studio Cointinue Games has announced that Midnight Ramen is participating in Steam’s Next Fest in June. This will provide a chance for more interactions with the players. They also announced that the game will officially be released on the platform in July of this year.

The development team also stated that they significantly updated the game’s Demo version. There are no major changes in the storyline, however, all operational experiences and dynamics have been greatly enhanced. The character images missing from the old version have also been added.

Midnight Ramen

Midnight Ramen is a cozy narrative-driven interactive novel game. It draws inspiration from the TV series Midnight Diner, and games like Coffee Talk and VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. you will play as a late-night ramen stall owner and operate it alongside an apprentice. Your job is to interact with and serve a variety of customers.

Prepare different flavors of ramen according to their preferences, all the while lending an ear to them. Give valuable advice to them as they are not only hungry but also burdened with troubles. Along the way, you will learn a lot about cooking ramen.

Key features:

– Captivating storyline
– Immersive dialog-driven experience
– User-friendly ramen cooking system
– Convenient chapter navigation