Gunnar Intercept Onyx Gaming Glasses Impressively Functional & Effective

Gunnar Intercept Onyx Gaming Glasses Impressions

As gamers, we easily spend hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of hours per year staring at a screen doing what we love. And even when we’re not playing games, we’re likely looking at our phones or watching TV. All of this, especially with the regularity in which we enjoy such entertainment, can lead to eye strain. So what’s on the market to stop this from happening, to make our gaming sessions or Netflix binges that much better? Well, there are glasses designed specifically for those of us who can’t be held back by a little eye strain every now and then. I’ve spent the last week with the Gunnar Intercept Onyx gaming glasses and let me tell you they’re not exactly what I was expecting.

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Now I’ll be the first to admit that I never even knew such a thing as gaming glasses existed. What that says about me, I’m not too sure, but I genuinely never even thought that glasses could make the gaming experience more visually appealing. So how then, do these Gunnar Intercept Onyx gaming glasses work? With specially tinted lenses, these glasses are supposed to block harsh blue light from the TV or computer screens. In doing so not only are they supposed to reduce eye strain, but they are supposed to make it easier to game for longer periods of time.

Questionably Stylish, Undeniably Comfortable

So how do they look and feel? While they may not exactly be the stylish pair of glasses you’d take everywhere you go, they have a sleek black frame and yellow tinted lenses that look pretty cool. They’re not only sturdy, but also light, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing some monstrosity on your face either. As they are a bit bigger, they’re best suited for those who prefer larger style glasses. With that said, despite being a little big on my face they’re really quite comfortable. Bottom line, this is what’s really important when wearing a pair of glasses for hours on end. Unfortunately, the only downside here is that because they didn’t suit my face, they looked better on my side table than on my face. Not that that deterred me from wearing them, I just probably wouldn’t willingly leave my house with them on.

So do they actually work? Here’s where I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do these Gunnar Intercept Onyx glasses take the blue light away reducing eye strain, they also make it easier to game and/or watch TV. Since they were designed to do exactly this, yes, they totally do work. I actually found that because my eyes were better adjusted to the screens, that I was able to see things clearer, and therefore react a little bit faster. Look out COD players, I’m coming for you even more thanks to my sleek, albeit ill-fitting gaming glasses!

So, are these bad boys for you? There are a couple things to consider here. First is the length of your regular gaming sessions, the second is whether you plan on going out in public with the glasses on or not, and the third is how comfortable you’d like to be while taking part in your favorite forms of entertainment. If you game or watch TV for longer periods of time, don’t plan on wearing them out in public, and want to experience your entertainment with comfort and ease, you might just want to invest in a pair of these Gunnar Intercept Onyx gaming glasses. If you don’t game that much, or you have yet to experience eye strain in any way, shape, or form, you likely won’t even notice the subtle difference.

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