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Fashion Dreamer – Hashtag Stylish Review

From Syn Sophia comes Fashion Dreamer, a creative and bubbly dress up game. Play as a “Muse” and collect fashionable pieces and dress yourself as well as others up for rewards. Gain e-points, get trendy and garner an army of followers as an influencer. Gain access to new worlds and hop online to show off your collection.

Hashtag New Look 

In Fashion Dreamer you enter the virtual world of Eve and create a Muse and explore Cocoons. These are different areas where you can make over your Muse’s look, take photos and a section to view other Muses showrooms. You become an influencer and dress yourself in trendy outfits and take pictures. The goal being to gain followers and gain some in-game currencies and rewards. Upon meeting a Muse, you have the chance to copy anything they have on them. Then you can make them an outfit or a ‘Look-it’. Muses can have requests for what they’d like in a look-it. This could be as simple as “hat” or “simple and unadorned”. It’s a little difficult to properly pinpoint what Muses want and it will be a little difficult to be creative at the start with low inventory. Make them an outfit and get up to three hearts which add to your e-points. You get a chance to develop your brand and create patterns for new combinations of outfits and raise your brand’s rank. All this leads to points and rewards.

Fashion Dreamer Lookit

You can also use these rewards to buy furniture for your personal showroom. Here you can display outfits for other Muses to peruse and copy. You can even involve other players in Online Mode. This opens up the ability to make outfits for them and have them make some for you. You can’t really interact with other players but they can see your preferences on a ‘Blurb’. You make this when you create a Muse to show your favorite colors or items you’d like.

Fashion Gambler

There’s a gacha machine and a bingo machine to try your luck at and gain new items. Although, getting new stuff is painfully easy, there’s an awful lot of places to just hoard what you want for free. The gacha centers have a ton of stuff and getting tickets to play them isn’t difficult.Then when you unlock showrooms, you’ll be free to check out other players’ displays. Here you can simply like and take whatever you want.

Creator feature

There’s not really much of a challenge except keeping an eye out for rare stuff. Clothes are gendered between male and female. It’s kind of obvious that a little more thought went into catering for the female audience. This understable as that’s the majority of players, but it’s something to keep in mind. It’s possible to have up to four Muses so you could collect items for both body types. Accessories however are usable by both.

Just a Dress-up Game

Fashion Dreamer is at its core all about finding clothes, making them look cute in an ensemble then posting about it. The gameplay loop might ring a little dry for anyone looking for something with more depth. Many fans have had expectations of Fashion Dreamer to be the spiritual successor of Style Savvy, also from Syn Sophia. In that series there’s more of a story to follow. Depending on who you are, Fashion Dreamer might be your next addiction or something you’re leaving to gather dust after a few hours. For what it is, I’ve been playing it non-stop. I’m a dress up game fan and as much as I’d enjoy a story to go along, it’s heaps of fun dressing up my Muse and getting new clothes.

The clothes are cute and there’s a diverse and fashionable selection. Considering you can have up to five thousand items in your Item box and I’ve only just reached double digits. I enjoy the little mini makeovers you can do. As well as the photoshoots with adorable and aesthetic decorations on your pictures. The camera mode was a great selling point for me. Seeing the Muses move around doing their poses was fun. Taking a whole album of photos with new outfits is basically a big chunk of my play time.

Checking out another Muse's outfit

Fashion Dreamer is a game I’ll be picking up here and there for a quick look. While its features are fun, the novelty will wear off after a while. It’s not more than a dress up game and will not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a more in depth game, you might have to look elsewhere.

The Good

  • Large fashion selection
  • Fun side activities

The Bad

  • Shallow gameplay loop
  • Grindy