LucidSound LS50X Review – Setting A New Standard

LucidSound LS50X Review

Scouring the market for the perfect headset can be a daunting task. Some offer basic components suitable for casual use whereas others are packed with premium features that improve immersion. Boasting high caliber sound, a sleek, contemporary design, and incredible usability options, is the LS50X the elite headset?

From the moment you remove the headset from its box, the expert craftsmanship is apparent. Packaged with a handy hard case, the LS50X resembles a stylish pair of headphones. The minimalist design which includes the subtle LucidSound logo is excellent. Due to the modern color combination, the headset is fashionable allowing for the product to be used in a number of ways. 

Perfectly Designed

Each element of the headset has been meticulously crafted to ensure a premium level of sound and comfort. The expandable and rotatable ear cups help to deliver unprecedented levels of comfort. Due to the delicious amalgamation of memory foam, cooling gel and faux leather, the LS50X never felt uncomfortable even during long gaming sessions. Featuring a classy diamond stitch, the adjustable headband supports the weight of the bulky headset but also allows you to reposition the peripheral easily.

Similar to other LucidSound headsets, the LS50X includes an intuitive design that allows you to quickly and easily adjust numerous elements. Due to the integrated controls, a simple tap on the ear cup will mute your audio whilst the dial will adjust the volume, helping to create a hassle-free experience. Supporting this is the voice assistant who will deliver prompts when accessing the controls. Featuring an EQ mode, the assistant tells you which setting you are on so that you can effortlessly personalize your experience. Each of the EQ modes significantly alters the audio, boosting particular aspects to suit the medium. This is a great option to have and helps with the multi-use feature of the headset.

Focusing on sound, this is one of the greatest headsets I have used. Due to Windows Sonic, spatial awareness is heightened helping to create a deeply immersive experience. Whether you are on the battlefield or on the racetrack, each aspect is amplified fantastically by the LS50X. Although incredible for video games, the headset’s multi-use features show impeccable audio quality in any format. Music is crisp and films feature cinema-quality surround sound making the LS50X an essential piece of kit.

A New Standard

With an internal and removable boom mic, the headset includes options to suit your preferred setup. I experienced no issues when using either microphone, however, I was informed that the quality was better with the omnidirectional mic plugged in. Neatly fused into the headset is the chat mixer which is positioned on the ear cup allowing you to quickly alter levels without going through several menus on the Xbox.

Due to Bluetooth connection, the headset can be easily paired with numerous devices, meaning you can turn off the awful tracks on FIFA and hit a hat-trick with Lewandowski whilst blasting Opeth, making the game infinitely better. However, if you have the odd device that requires a 3.5mm jack input, this beasty headset has still got you covered, making this an exceptionally diverse product.

One of the most frustrating aspects of wireless headsets is the battery life. Attempting to ease those annoyances is the LS50X which boasts an impressive 20-plus hours before you need to reach for the USB-C charging cable. Verbal low battery warnings are given too, meaning you won’t ever be placed unknowingly in silence when you’re halfway through mowing down the Locust horde. 

For audio quality, I’ve not experienced anything better than LucidSound’s LS50X. The EQ modes allow you to tailor your sound to suit film, music, gaming, and much more. With the ability to pair several devices via Bluetooth, the headset can be used for a variety of purposes making this the perfect multi-use product. Due to the integrated controls, interacting with the device is a stress-free experience. Although the product is at a premium price, this definitely boasts premium quality.

*** A review unit was provided by the manufacturer ***

The Good

• Incredible Sound
• Comfortable
• Excellent Bluetooth Options


The Bad

• Quite Large
• Not the Lightest
• Expensive