Lucidsound LS10X Gaming Headset Review – Incredible and Affordable

Lucidsound LS10X Headset Review

With a plethora of headsets currently on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for the right price. Boasting high fidelity surround sound, memory foam padding and a dual microphone, all at a budget price, surely Lucidsound’s LS10X is too good to be true, right?

From the minute you slip the sleek headset over your ears, comfort ensues. As a glasses wearer, I often find that the pressure of particular headsets can cause some discomfort, however, due to the LS10X’s delicious combination of padding, size and weight, they never caused any irritation, even after several hours of relentless gaming. Because of the adjustable, cushioned headband, you can quickly alter the headset to ensure you are perfectly situated throughout gaming sessions, correcting an issue that has plagued many others that are currently on the market. 

Clean and Clear Sound

The LS10X’s spatial sound technology helps to give incredible situational awareness that places you directly in the game. The directional audio is fantastic. I was quickly able to pinpoint the location of footsteps and explosions with expert precision. Whether it’s the roar of the engines on Forza Horizon 4 or the piercing bullets in Gears 5, each asset is amplified because of the Windows Sonic Surround Sound helping to increase immersion. Although there are no controls to alter the EQ, the audio was balanced no matter what I tested it on. With the closed-ear design, the headset does an excellent job at canceling unwanted ambient sounds whilst also avoiding noise bleed to not bother others in the vicinity.

Although designed for the Xbox, due to the 3.5mm jack input, the peripheral can be connected to a variety of devices making this a brilliant multi-use headset. Featuring a 1.2-meter cord, the LS10X gives you plenty of room to connect to a range of items, however, the length could cause an issue for PC gamers who play at a distance from their tower cabinet. Whether you are binging a Netflix series, losing yourself in your favorite album or even blasting through dimensions in Ratchet & Clank on the PS5, the simple plug and play setup makes this easy-to-use product an absolute joy. Whilst some may be deterred by the product being wired, the fact that you don’t need to worry about the charge level of the headset is a major positive.

Smart and Efficient Design

All controls are implemented into the headset. Nestled neatly within the earcup is a wheel, allowing you to quickly adjust the volume. In addition, you can press the center of the cup to mute the microphone. An excellent addition is the LED light which signals whether you are muted or not. Simple but clever. No longer will you be frustrated that your friends are ignoring you, only to release that you left your mic on mute. Due to the smart design choice, you will now instantly be aware of your mic status. Featuring both a detachable, omnidirectional boom mic and an internal mic that is activated once the boom is removed, the Lucidsound LS10X offers clear audio with an efficient design.

lucidsound ls10p

The clean and stylish black design increases the usability of the product. Due to the muted aesthetic, these can easily be used in public as everyday headphones. With interchangeable plates, the cosmetics can be altered, however, the packaged subtle design will appeal to most people.

LucidSound’s LS10X is an exceptional piece of kit. Although, there are minor features missing, the audio quality, comfort, and price more than make up for it. The lightweight frame is incredible, helping to ease fatigue and discomfort. Due to the 3.5mm jack input, the headset can be used for a variety of purposes, which is further insinuated by its sleek and subtle design. With integrated, easy-to-use controls and a detachable mic, this is possibly the best headset available in its price range.

** A review unit was provided by the manufacturer **

The Good

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Brilliant Spatial Sound
  • Excellent Value for Money

The Bad

  • No Way to Alter Levels
  • Cord Length for PC Gamers
  • Some May Not Like the Subtle Design