NACON Unveils New Wireless Headphones: The RIG 900 MAX HX

A Personalized RIG 

Audio is one of the most vital parts of the gaming experience. Especially these days when games are made with stronger soundtracks, audio integration, and sound effects that never, a good pair of headphones can really make the difference. Luckily for gamers, there’s a new pair of headphones in town. Today, NACON is happy to announce its newest, personalizable, headphones with the RIG 900 MAX HX. Offering a brand-new kind of audio experience, these headphones come with a host of features that make them truly one of a kind. A press release provides more details on all of the features of this new headset. 


The RIG 900 MAX HX is a completely immersive pair of headphones. With a battery life of 50 hours, and over 60 via Bluetooth, the headphones are able to provide a long period of audio-enhanced gaming. Importantly, the headphones use wireless connectivity to ensure a mobile gaming experience by connecting to an iOS or Android device. Furthermore, the headset also features a directional microphone with a flip-to-mute instant mute option.

However, perhaps the most important feature of the RIG 900 MAX HX is the use of the Dolby Personalization app. Of course, through this app, the headset the shape of your head, ears, and shoulders, the app creates a unique acoustic map. Of course, this means the audio experience will be tailored to the individual improving the overall use of the headphones. 

Interestingly, the RIG 900 MAX HX is licensed for the Xbox. However, its design ensures it works with PC, PlayStation, and more. Importantly, the headset is available for $249.99 at RIG’s website and BestBuy