EKSA Air Joy Pro Gaming Headset Review – Like Wearing Nothing at All

EKSA Air Joy Pro Gaming Headset Review

I went into the EKSA Air Joy Pro with some preconceived skepticism; I had previously reviewed a headset from EKSA, a company I was unfamiliar with, and the product in question was undeniably lacking. But that was something else, and the Air Joy Pro is a different device entirely, so I pushed aside my doubts and approached this new headset with an open mind and a clear perspective. I was pleasantly surprised by the results, but that doesn’t mean EKSA has won me over just yet.

The Air Joy Pro is marketed as a super-lightweight gaming headset and upon opening the box and seeing the headset for myself, that nagging skepticism began to rise once more. I’m used to seeing gargantuan gaming headsets with an inch thick padding, changeable plates, heavy duty reinforced support beams, and a cup holder for good measure. What I saw instead was a notably slim and sleek headset akin to what we used to wear back in the day with our discman. The ear-cups were small but fit surprisingly well – that’s 1 point for EKSA – and despite its compact size, it extended to even fit my own rather large head – that’s 2 points for EKSA, already off to a good start.

The headband portion, unfortunately, makes me a little uneasy as it seems to be about 1cm thick of plastic with a tiny amount of foam padding. Not the most reliable and indeed even now it has me worried about its durability, especially for one with a larger cranium as noted before. To their absolute credit, when EKSA markets this as the “Air Joy” and tells you it is super-lightweight boy do they ever mean it. I felt no tension, no pressure, and yes even no weight from wearing this headset even after a few hours. If it weren’t for the surprisingly long cord dangling down to connect to my controller, I would forget there was anything on my head at all. I wouldn’t say it is the most comfortable headset I have ever worn (some of them out there are incredibly plush and feel like you have a cool pillow strapped to your head) but it sure as heck is close. The texture of the ear-cups through me off at first, feeling almost like a more malleable Styrofoam to the fingers but hours later I only slightly noticed any amount of warmth from them and didn’t feel any moisture or sweat.

EKSA Air Joy Pro

Of course, the important thing here is the sound quality and I am happy to say it exceeded my expectations. Despite its seemingly frail structure, the audio output of the EKSA Air Joy Pro was fantastic. Touting 7.1 surround sound, it was effortless to pick out enemy locations, hear the different types of terrain and foliage beneath my feet, and enjoy a booming score without loss of bass or treble, experiencing any warbling or flat notes, and generally just had a great time with them. It was quite a vivid experience… for what the headset is. Much of its design and indeed components feel a bit cheap when compared to the more expensive counterparts but you will absolutely get a much more clear and engaging audio than you might expect. This stellar audio – coupled with the lightweight design – really does bring the full experience right to you without breaking immersion.

While it won’t quite compete with the more expensive brands, at $40 USD this is still one fantastic bargain. The EKSA Air Joy Pro is a unique and curious little headset, outputting some serious audio quality despite its flimsy appearance. I do worry about the durability of the frame over the long haul as the ear-cups tend to make it bend and twist in odd ways when resting on a surface, but this is still a pleasantly enjoyable device and a headset to easily take with you on the go to listen to music or just chill out and play some games at home. The versatility of its lightweight design is what really sells this as a multipurpose device rather than just a gaming headset, and one worth considering if you want good audio at a great price.

EKSA Air Joy Pro

The Good

  • Impressively Lightweight
  • Superb Audio
  • Doesn’t Overheat
  • Fits Even Large Heads

The Bad

  • Flimsy Frame
  • Odd Ear-cups