Five Types of MMORPG Players We Hate Playing With

The Show Boater

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Have you ever had the mistake of asking a high level MMORPG player where they got that bad-ass sword? Has that person ever taken that opportunity to explain in detail every piece of armour they have, I mean full detail, every piece, stats, where they got it, why it’s good — whoa, pump the brakes, I asked about the sword not your life story. In most cases, I enjoy finding out about some of the high level gear that will be accessible later on but there’s a fine line between educating a lower level and full out gloating — nobody likes a show off, especially since you bought that full set of armour from the online store with $49.99 of your own money.

The Griefer

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This type of player is more so found in shared open world building games such as Minecraft or Ark: Survival Evolved. Imagine, you and a crack team of builders set out to farm resources, fend off danger and meticulous planning, all in order to construct the base of your dreams. After days of blood, sweat and tears, the job is finally done and you log off with a gleaming sense of pride. Now, imagine returning to find someone stumbled across your humble abode and took it upon themselves to completely tear it down because apparently its fun to cause grief to complete strangers. It’s never a good time logging on to find a hole where the fruits of your labour once was — can’t we all just get along!?

The Ninja Looter

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The scavenger of the online world, ninja looters utilize their knack for stealth to swoop in on your hard earned kill, stealing all the loot. The term can also apply to someone who is quick to jump on a fresh kill, taking all the loot for themselves with no intent on sharing with their group. I remember back in my Everquest days, trekking through a higher level swamp in order to obtain the coveted “Mask of Deception”. This was one of those items that was extremely rare to drop and took me about three hours of camping in order for it to appear, just as it was within my grasp, in comes the ninja looter taking the mask and making a run for it — the disappointment came like a knife through the heart and the worst part? I had to sit around for another two hours for the next mask to drop.

If by chance you’re reading this and one of these five descriptions fit your bill, just know we don’t hate you as a person, we just hate playing with you and whats the fun in a multiplayer experience if everyone doesn’t want to be around you? I’d love to hear some horror stories involving some of these cases, feel free to sound off in the comments.