Top 5 Video Games Arriving in June 2020

Desperados III – PC, PS4, X1 – June 16

The Desperados franchise returns with Desperados III, the prequel to the classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. Desperados III is a hardcore tactical stealth game with strong narrative elements taking place in a Wild West setting. Players take control of five unique characters to defeat enemies in a variety of settings with an even wider variety of options. Fans of the franchise or of tactical stealth games should keep their eyes on this one.

Disintegration – PC, PS4, X1 – June 16

Disintegration is a first-person shooter with real-time strategy elements. Specifically, you play the role of Romer Shoal, a Gravcycle pilot who provides aerial support from his position while commanding a squad. Taking place 150 years in the future, Disintegration looks to integrate these two genres and provide for a solid experience. The game also features multiplayer for up to ten players.

The Last of Us Part II – PS4 – June 19

Easily the biggest game of June 2020 and one of the biggest games of the whole year, The Last of Us Part II is finally set to release. Naughty Dog is at it again, bringing two of PlayStation’s most recognizable names in Joel and Ellie back to our consoles. Not much needs to be said about the game at this point, it’s an action-adventure survival horror game with stealth elements, and if you haven’t played the first one, you should definitely rectify that situation.

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