Top 20 GameCube Exclusive Games We Want On The Nintendo Switch

4) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

With the Nintendo Switch being home to one of the greatest Legend of Zelda games of all time, it would be great if Nintendo provided Switch owners with all of the Legend of Zelda games at some point. The Wind Waker would be no exception, so whether they provide a virtual console version of the GameCube game or they provide the HD Remaster originally available on the Wii U – it’d be great to have Wind Waker on the Switch!

GameCube Feature Screen 19

3) Luigi’s Mansion

Nintendo had a history of launching their consoles with a Super Mario platformer, but somewhere during the development of the GameCube, someone must have had the idea of giving Mario’s brother Luigi the starter position. It was a bizarre choice, and the game that resulted was even more bizarre – it was a game that required far more skill than the usual Nintendo game. It was also a darker game, utilizing a haunted mansion setting filled with ghosts (well, it wasn’t that dark, it still retained a lot of Nintendo’s light-hearted humour). Needless to say, it still ended up being a very fun game, and we even received a sequel a couple years ago on the Nintendo 3DS! If GameCube games come to Virtual Console, Luigi’s Mansion is a must!

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2) Super Mario Sunshine

It took about a year from the consoles launch, but the GameCube would finally have a Super Mario platformer! Taking place on a beautiful, tropical island and assisted by an advanced sprinkler system called FLUDD, Super Mario Sunshine was a welcome addition to the GameCube line-up. While using FLUDD wasn’t always as intuitive as it probably should have been in a Super Mario game, with a little patience, gamers were jumping, sliding and hovering with style. While we probably won’t see a Super Mario Sunshine sequel anytime soon, an HD remaster would be very welcome. But until then, let’s at least get a GameCube Virtual Console release!

Super Mario Sunshine

1) Eternal Darkness

One of the greatest horror games of all time. You’ll travel through time, following a mystical story that connects a number of characters together. The game has some truly creepy moments that I can still recall 15 years after first playing it. While I’d love to see a remake, the game’s writer/director Denis Dyack is working on a spiritual successor titled “Shadow of the Eternals”. For the time being, I’d settle for a GameCube Virtual Console release of Eternal Darkness (especially since the copy I lent to a friend as never returned… you know who you are!)

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