Top 10 Xbox Game Pass Launch Games

Top 10 Xbox Game Pass Games

Late last month, Xbox announced a new Netflix-style gaming subscription called Xbox Game Pass. For only $9.99 USD ($11.99 CAD), Xbox One owners can have unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. What separates Xbox Game Pass from other services like PlayStation Now is that the games are downloaded locally, so there’s no need to stream copious amounts of game data over the internet. I think it sounds like an appealing offer, especially for new Xbox One owners on a budget. Microsoft has guaranteed that games will be shuffled in and out as well, so even after you’ve gone bored playing the initial 100 games, you can expect to play something new every month.

Currently, Xbox Game Pass is in testing right now and is only available to those who are part of the Xbox Insider Program. While beta testers don’t have access to the full suite of 100 games, there are at least two dozen games to toy around with. With this information in hand plus details from the initial press release, I was able to confirm 32 titles. Despite Xbox Game Pass not being available to the public until Spring, this initial list already has some excellent gems. This is the top 10 games that already make Xbox Game Pass worth investing in.

10. Terraria

 Think of Terraria as a 2D Minecraft but with more direction. I love Terraria’s brilliant combination of exploration, crafting, and combat and the sense of reward those aspects bring to its core gameplay. The crafting system is undoubtedly its most ingenious and addictive feature, essentially offering an endless array of item and weapon configurations. Terraria has been available for quite a few years now on various platforms, but no matter where you choose to discover it, it’s worth a shot if you’ve somehow neglected it all this time.

9. Viva Pinata

The idea behind Viva Piñata is so niche that its basic concept would probably be tossed in the garbage if it was made in 2017 — but back in 2006 Rare was taking risks. Initially conceived as a garden simulator, Viva Piñata evolved into something different and, more importantly, successful both as a game and a short-lived TV series (anyone else remember this?). It’s a strange game but it has a lot of charm and unpredictable gameplay. Viva Piñata is also just a nice change of pace from all of today’s bro shooters. When you get an Xbox Game Pass, make sure to give this one a look.

8. SoulCalibur II HD Online

Arguably the greatest fighting game ever made, SoulCalibur II HD Online is a rock solid HD update that feels great to play even to this day. I have the fondest of memories schooling my friends during the Dreamcast days, as well as sharpening my skills and mastering all of the characters’ moves. With its deep fighting system, awesome single player and multiplayer modes (with online play now, too!), this remains a top notch fighter that anyone can enjoy, and I’m happy to see it available for all on Xbox Game Pass.

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