Top 20 GameCube Exclusive Games We Want On The Nintendo Switch

Top 20 GameCube Games We Want On The Switch

If we’re to believe the internet rumours, than it’s entirely possible that the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console service will eventually include Nintendo GameCube games. Launched way back in 2001, the Nintendo GameCube was Nintendo’s first real foray into a disc based games console. The console was severely underrated, in part by some design choices that potential gamers may have written off such as the consoles look (complete with a built in handle in the rear), lack of DVD drive and lack of “Mario” launch title (his brother Luigi took the lead during this go round). Being one of Nintendo’s worst selling consoles meant that many gamers missed out on some incredible games (and arguably the most comfortable and well-designed controller prior to the Xbox 360’s controller). With that said, adding GameCube Virtual Console titles to the Nintendo Switch would give gamers who skipped the GameCube (or those of you younger folk) an opportunity to play some fantastic titles. Here’s a list of 20 titles that are absolute must plays that were exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube.

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20) Battalion Wars

Nintendo had a huge hit on their hands with their handheld franchise “Advance Wars”. Looking to capitalize on it, they developed Battalion Wars. The most noticeable difference was the change from turn-based strategy to real-time strategy. While the game was still great, I imagine fans of the “Wars” games would have preferred another turn-based game. Still, Battalion Wars garnered enough attention to warrant a Wii sequel.

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19) 1080 Avalanche

Nintendo is no stranger to sports games, and fans were stoked to get their hands on the sequel to the N64 snowboarding hit “1080 Snowboarding”. 1080 Avalanche’s focus was more on speed and racing rather than over-the-top tricks like the SSX franchise was (before the SSX reboot, of course) – and it nailed that sense of speed perfectly. While we’ve seen a couple decent winter sports games pop up since, most recently Ubisoft’s “Steep”, it would still be great to see another 1080 sequel.

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18) F-Zero GX

Nintendo has a few very popular racing franchises, and while F-Zero is probably not the most popular, it still has quite a rabid following of fans. The GameCube version, F-Zero GX, retains a lot of the franchise staples, such as being incredibly difficult and requiring a lot of patience. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not released a home console version of F-Zero since GX. And while we might have to wait for an F-Zero sequel or F-Zero on Virtual Console; the Nintendo Switch did receive an awesome F-Zero like game called Fast RMX!

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17) Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario is quite the athlete, and his golf outings have always been top-notch fun. Beautiful, Nintendo inspired courses, a huge cast of Mario’s friends and foes, and a solid golf game that even die-hard golfers could enjoy. While I’d be thrilled if Nintendo would release a new Mario Golf game for Switch, I’ll settle for a Virtual Console version of Toadstool Tour.

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