Top 20 GameCube Exclusive Games We Want On The Nintendo Switch

16) Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Arguably, the most controversial Mario Kart ever released, Double Dash is still a must own for any Mario Kart fan. Double Dash required players to pick two characters for each kart, adding a unique level of depth to the gameplay, but where it really got crazy was when you had a friend join you as the second character. You’d have to work together to utilize power-ups, powerslides and boosts. Communication was key, even if it meant yelling at your partner.

GameCube Feature Screen 5

15) P.N.03

P.N.03 was one of the “Capcom Five”, a collection of five games that Capcom were making exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. Of the five, P.N.03 was the only game that remained GameCube exclusive (with Resident Evil 4, Viewtiful Joe and Killer7 being ported to other consoles and Dead Phoenix never being released). P.N.03 was a decent third-person shooter, featuring a strong female protagonist. While the game had it’s flaws, it’s still worth a playthrough and would fit nicely in the GameCube Virtual Console collection.

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14) Wave Race: Blue Storm

Wave Race: Blue Storm is the third, and as of yet final, game in the Wave Race franchise. It gives players the ability to jet ski around courses, racing other jet skiers and performing tricks. Visually, the game looked stunning when it was released – the water effects were second to none. It’s a bit surprising Nintendo hasn’t returned to the Wave Race franchise.

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13) Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox has been on some hard times lately. In fact, it’s pretty much been downhill after the franchise took a brief turn to “adventure” with Star Fox Adventures. While Star Fox Adventures featured a few flying sequences, the bulk of the game was a third-person adventure with Fox McCloud being joined by new characters Krystal and Prince Tricky. It was a fun game, but definitely not like any Star Fox before or since.

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