The Weirdest, Strangest and Most Bizarre Games Ever Made – Part II

WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Wii)

The best way to describe the WarioWare series is taking Mario Party infusing it with acid then playing it on fast-forward. Smooth Moves has you completing mini-games or micro-games in rapid succession and failing one will knock off a life. There are so many “WTF did I just see” moments but you don’t have ample time to reflect so you’re left with a barrage of non-stop insanity — take a look at the video and see what I mean.

As for the game, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to kill off a few hours and play with a friend, but the soundtrack is easily the best part, you’ll be whistling some of these tunes long after you shut off the Wii.


Cho Aniki (PC, PS2, Sega Saturn)

And we’ve reached the final and also the most homoerotic part of this bizarre games list, Cho Aniki is actually a series of side scroller shooters featuring sexually charged scantily clad men. There seems to be an affinity with nude muscular bald men because you don’t only control one but you wind up fighting them as well. As a game it plays exactly like R-Type but your character shoots balls of energy out of his naughty bits and in some cases use your semi-nude companions in suggestive poses to wreak havoc on your foes. Take a look at the video and prepare your retinas for implosion.

This level of weird is just the tip of the iceberg, I’ll be coming back with a part III, so if you have any suggestions on what needs to be included let us know and it could be featured. Now excuse me while I contact my shrink, I need my head examined after this.