The Very Best PC Games, Rigs and Video Cards This Holiday Season

Upgrade Your Rig

Last but not least, if you’re looking to gift someone with a better gaming experience for less than the cost of a console, there’s always individual upgrades.

The GTX 1050 Ti will handle most modern games well enough. It lacks in future proofing, however. Indeed, I found one or two titles that officially required more than this card could offer. The price ($189 at the time of this writing) is ample compensation for this.

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If you’re looking to get someone VR ready, it’s going to run you a bit more. The GTX 1060 costs a bit more than its AMD equivalent (the rx480), but the drivers for AMD graphics cards can be more problematic. This card, listed at under $400, is still less than the average for a top-shelf model while meeting some pretty high performance needs.

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For those of us unburdened by the limits of cost or common sense, you can always look to one of the newest GTX models, the 1080. Chock full of features I barely understand, this card comes in at almost $900. Not only does this card come ready for VR, but it’s also optimized for streaming gameplay footage.

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In conclusion, if you’re buying for a PC gamer, one of the most important steps is research. What kind of system are they working with? How enormous is their library of games? Do mid-size towers fit in stockings? Needless to say, if any of these items show up under the tree, the holidays are guaranteed to be pretty holly and/or jolly.