The Very Best PC Games, Rigs and Video Cards This Holiday Season

2016 Holiday PC Gift Guide

It’s that magical time of year again. The ever-expanding holiday season looms large, your shopping list is primed, credit cards gleaming under the lights. But if you’ve got a pc gamer on your list, no doubt you know the challenge of buying them just, anything at all. Thankfully this guide is here to lead the way.

Skyrim Special Edition

If by some rare twist of fate the PC gamer in your life has never played Skyrim, now is the perfect time to instruct them in this game’s seductive ways. Although Skyrim: SE also has a console release, the unrestricted mod community gives the edge to PC. Sometimes you don’t want to go adventuring in plate mail, sometimes you want polkadots. Or swimwear. Or clown makeup. Although Skyrim isn’t unique in this regard, it has one of gaming’s most active modding communities. This collective creative endeavour only stands to expand with the special edition’s release.

Skyrim Special Edition

Civilization VI

The Civ series is infamous for its ability to alter the flow of time, making ‘one more turn’ summon three in the morning in the blink of a bloodshot eye. Why not introduce a friend or loved one to the series this holiday season? After all, the holidays are a perfect time to lose several days to an incredibly addictive video game.  With the introduction of new features like proper-sized cities and leaders guided by their historical traits, Civ 6 is an excellent gift for anyone cursed with too much free time.

Civilization VI HERO


Blizzard’s entry into the team-based FPS genre is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to get into (or back into) online gaming. Like all of Blizzard’s games, Overwatch is balanced, accessible and constantly being updated with new tweaks and content. Each of the characters play a particular role in combat with little to no overlap between them.

Overwatch Screen

Steam Steam Steam

At the time this is being written, there’s a steam sale on the horizon. Technically they aren’t announced beforehand, so there is the possibility it won’t occur but we have on good authority that it will launch December 22. Steam wallet refills are a viable option for the holidays if the geek in your life already has all the things. Who doesn’t need five or ten or twenty new games atop their enormous backlog?


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