Ten Gaming Birds You Wouldn’t Want for Thanksgiving Dinner

8. Rad Chicken – Fallout 4

In the Fallout universe, you’re a vault dweller who survives a nuclear apocalypse only to realize that being alive and living life are two separate things entirely. They say war never changes and neither does radiation. Food in the Fallout universe is known for carrying radiation and whether you’re a Lone Wanderer or the Sole Survivor, you’re going to need Rad-X to stomach any sort of poultry. During your travels in Fallout 4, you likely came across some Rad Chicken or Rad Guls and if you tried to eat those for your Thanksgiving dinner, you’d intentionally be giving yourself radiation poisoning, along with all of your guests. Unless you’re able to sneak enough Rad-X back to your dinner table for everyone, keep far away from these irradiated birds.


6. Twirp – Animal Crossing: Population Growing

Twirp may not only be the most bitter bird in Animal Crossing but in fact he may be the most bitter bird in gaming. Twirp only appeared in the original Japanese N64 title called Animal Forest, as well as the renowned Gamecube Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: Population Growing. This was the first Animal Crossing game I experienced and Twirp was one of my early villagers. We quickly became friends even though it quickly became apparent he’s either in a grouchy or agitated mood and he becomes fuming mad at the drop of a hat. Although this hothead might be able to cook himself with anger, his taste is sure to be as bitter as his attitude, but he is missed and we hope a future Animal Crossing title brings him back.